ArcherValue Driven Graphics

Create interactive SVG graphics for websites, apps, HMI or IoT projects


Data driven, reactive vector graphics made easy

Archer is for everyone who needs to visualize different states of a system or user interface. This can be a machine’s user interface, a custom dashboard visualization, basically anything where the SVG should react to value changes or user input.


Less code – more efficiency

Other JS libraries like snap or svg.js focus on manipulating SVG elements by code. With Archer you can visually create behaviours for SVG elements in an editor and then control the graphic with a single line of JavaScript code. It’s quick and intuitive.


Import, create, integrate.

Archer starts with an existing SVG graphic. With Archer Editor you define behaviors and reactions for existing SVG elements. You then publish and integrate it in your project.


This is for designers and developers who work on individual customer solutions and need reactive graphics quickly: Archer offers an editor that lets you visually define behaviors for SVG elements. Unlike programming formulas or using oversized proprietary solutions, Archer graphics are lightweight components that easily integrate in your project with the Open Source Archer JavaScript Runtime and are instantly usable on all devices.

Weather App

Just another yet beautiful weather app made with Archer. Download the Archer project file and try for yourself how to link the graphics with the weather API of your choice.

Machine Control Unit

Sample of a packaging machine's control unit. Download includes the sample as shown on the frontpage.

Home automation

A sample interface for controlling a home's settings. Download includes the Archer project file

Circular display

Simple circular display. Download includes the Archer project file.


How would you realise these examples with your current approach? Compare this to Archer: with Archer you use a basic SVG, design the behaviour of the elements and without further processing it is ready to be integrated in your software project. This really saves a lot of time and it instantly runs on all devices. Archer projects run in any environment that is capable of including a web container. Electron, Cordova, Java, … you name it.