Alpha Test Drive

Archer Graphics are a component for your software project. If you want to test drive your graphic you do not need to set up a server, just upload it to the Archer Cloud. You can also share it with others or make it a public project. If you want to go one step further, you can test the integration in your software project: create an Archer Panel for your graphic to send test data.


Why not browse some public projects on the Archer Host?

Beware: This is still in the Alpha Version

For your microservices architecture

In case your business requires hosting of numerous graphics, then you should consider getting your own Archer Cloud. Tailor made to your needs, the Archer Cloud perfectly fits in your microservices architecture. Think of it as a service to store data and deliver graphical represenations that are both, reactive and interactive. Please get in touch and find out what we can do for you.

Test your project

It's a great way to share

In the Archer Editor, publish your project as zip. Sign up to the Archer Cloud, add a new graphic and drop the zip file. You can instantly use the control panel to simulate variable values and share it.

Test the integration

This is for your application

The Archer Cloud offers a realtime synchronization service for graphic panels. Please check out the documentation and ask us whenever you need help.

Work on an IoT project?

Let's play with Arduino

The Archer Cloud can historize data. And with an interactive graphic you can remote control things. Get the Archer Arduino library on GitHub for websocket based communication.

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