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Archer comes with a set of familiar features. Just like rotating an element in your favorite graphic software, you can do so with Archer. And just like you know it from video editing tools, Archer has, well, not a timeline, but a „valueline“ with a scrubber to preview the transformations. The dynamic display of text and images gives you even more freedom to deliver the best user experience for your application.



Tuned for intuition, the Archer Editor consists of three major components: the canvas with SVG tree view for your graphic, the transformation functions bar and the context editor. The context editor is at the heart of Archer. Here everything comes together: data variable, value range, SVG element and transformation.

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Archer goes beyond essential SVG transformations, such as rotate, translate, scale, color and opacity. The power of the Archer Editor is that you can combine multiple graphical transformations for several elements along different variable ranges. Just imagine the possibilities that you have for the visualization. There is a good chance to realize your project with just one graphic.



With Archer you can also make text and images dynamic. Text can be replaced based on the variable input or upon a predefined value within the editor configuration. An embedded image can be changed to another picture that is managed in the project assets. Of course it’s possible to use the essential transformations for text and images as well.

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Minimized to the extreme and shaped for the highest performance, the Archer Runtime ensures that you can rely on the effective visualization of your data values. With the easy to use API it’s a snap to integrate mouse click and drag events. The graphic becomes interactive so you have more space for your creativity and you can fulfill countless use cases.

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  • SVG Import
  • Transformations
  • Text manipulations
  • Context Editor
  • Node Inspector
  • Time based animations
  • Automatic IDs
  • Project History
  • Publishing
  • Duplicate Transformations
  • Redo/Undo
  • Live Preview
  • Here could be your feature
  • SVG Update
  • Hide Nodes
  • Setting the Registration Point
  • Duplicate Nodes
  • Context Templates
  • Asset Management
  • Interaction Events
  • Path transformations



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