On what platforms does Archer run?

The Archer Editor works on Windows and Mac. 

Graphics created by the Archer Editor are cross-platform and can be used on any platform that supports standard web technologies. Possible projects include: 

I do not want to set up a server to test my project - what can I do?

Please use the Export in the Archer Editor, compress the files and create one .zip file. After creating an account at the Archer Host you simply drag and drop the .zip file to the Archer Host. Your variable values are automatically displayed in form of a slider or dropdown menu. Use the „Public“ option to share the link to your project. If you run into problems, please send an email to or use our feedback page and we will support you.

How can I report bugs and issues?

Please send issues with potential bugs in an email to or use our feedback page. You might want to attach your Archer project so we can easily reproduce your issue.

I have a feature request - who shall I inform?

Please send feature requests to or use our feedback page.

Where did you get the beautiful graphics from?

Please send a message to and Torsten will be happy to discuss your project requirements.

Can you support us in integrating Archer into our development environment?

Of course. Our software engineers are waiting for your requests at or through our feedback page.

Who is the team behind Archer?

Archer is 100% engineered in Germany by two companies: byteAgenten gmbh and achtender GbR. the „byteagents“ focus on development and the „eightpointers“ expertise is design and usability. Archer already runs for several months on a system that monitors sensor values within the infrastructure sector.

Do you have a small example SVG to test Archer?

Yes, of course: Download rev meter
You can find more samples on the projects section of the download page.



If you have any question, suggestion, business enquiry or just want to let us know your thoughts: tell us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.