Visually design reactive SVGs in just three steps.

FirstDraw a graphic

The graphic can be drawn in any vector graphics software that is able to produce SVG files. There are no restrictions to the graphic, including typography or images.

SecondUse the Archer Editor to make it dynamic

The Archer Editor can be used very intuitively. It all starts with an import of your SVG file. For each graphical element you can define transformations and bind it to a variable range. When you have finished your dynamic design, simply publish the Archer graphic.

ThirdIntegrate it in your project

Use the Archer Runtime library to integrate your graphic into your software project. With just one line of code you set the variable value and the graphic is transformed the way you designed it in the Archer Editor. Done.

Archer Editor & Editor Pro


Use the free Archer Editor for personal projects and to test the basic features. For enhanced functionalities and business support please get the Archer Editor Pro.


Archer Editor
Archer Editor Pro
Fill ColorYesYes
Stroke ColorYesYes
Stroke WidthYesYes
Context Type NumberYesYes
Context Type TextYesYes
Context Type BooleanYesYes
Discrete TransformationsYesYes
Interpolated TransformationsYesYes
Time-based Transformations Yes
Reusable Behaviours Yes
Unbranded runtimeNo, but...*Yes
Pro Support Yes**


€ 79,99

* Currently the runtime of the free version still contains an archer logo. We are working on a switch so that you can decide if you want to help us spread the word or not. We would be thrilled if you worked with the free version including the brand on personal sites. Thank you!

** Please use the help menu in Archer Pro to send us your Pro support request via Email. Thank you!

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